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Providing Biblical Stability in an Unstable World

At Cornerstone, our foundation is the Word of God. As you listen to the Bible being faithfully preached, you will increase in your understanding of God and His Word.

All our adult and youth Bible Classes are designed to foster growth in your spiritual life. We do this through practical application of truth to your daily decisions.

We like to consider Cornerstone as a church family where we love and care for one another. We value relationships and are committed to helping you feel connected!

A Welcome from our Pastor


"If we can't trust what God's Word says about history and science, then we can't trust what it has to say about salvation."

If you didn't get to hear Pastor Remier's sermon on "The Church's Book" during the Sunday morning service, you need to go listen to it. Find it on our website at

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3 weeks ago

Cornerstone Baptist Church

The old parking lots received a much needed facelift this week! Be prepared to park on the main entrance side of the church at prayer meeting tonight. @ Cornerstone Baptist Church ...

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Listen to Pastor Reimers' Sunday sermon, "Resurrection Peace" from John 20:19-23. ...

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If you were not able to attend April Gibble's memorial service or view the livestream on Saturday, you can still watch a recording of the service at ...

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“Scripture calls us to be honest about our stress. It provides warnings, and it ultimately presents a solution. The solution to stress is fellowship with God.” Listen to Sunday evening messages on “The Problems of Life” by going to our website at ...

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