In this episode Pastor Reimers answers two listener submitted questions. Question 1: Jesus states in John 5:37 (about the Father), "His voice you have never heard, his form you have never seen..." How can this statement be true when other passages clearly state that...

As Christians, we know that Christ is the reason for the season, but so often we are distracted with buying gifts or family traditions to the point that we neglect to give the proper priority to Christ. How can we keep Christ at the center of our Christmas celebrations? Listen as the Pastors provide some philosophical and practical comments on this important, timely topic.

Pastor Chris and Pastor Brian share the history of Cornerstone Baptist Church's transition from VBS to the Backyard Bible Club format, as well as the philosophy and structure of this summer children's program.

In the first of four episodes on missions philosophy, Pastor Gary Reimers talks about the reasons for supporting missionaries in a variety of different ministry capacities, including Bible translation and camp ministry.