Backyard Bible Clubs

The mission of Cornerstone Baptist Backyard Bible Clubs is:

Reaching neighborhood families in familiar surroundings

Enhancing the ministry of church families in their neighborhoods

Building fellowship for church members through ministry team involvement

Every summer, our church hosts several week-long Backyard Bible Clubs at the homes of several of our members. Every evening Monday-Friday from 6:30-8:15 pm, children from our church and the neighborhood play energetic outdoor games, hear essential Bible truths connected with a theme, memorize several Bible verses, learn a theme song, and compete in several fun competitions. Parents are welcome to watch and listen, especially on Friday (Parent Night). These clubs have enabled our members to build relationships with other families in their neighborhoods to better meet their needs and point them to Christ.

2018 Locations and Dates

  • June 25-29 | Simpsonville (Gresham Woods) – 101 Loden Court
  • July 16-20 | Greer (Pelham Falls) – 17 Shadetree Court
  • July 23-27 | Simpsonville (Copper Creek) – 313 Leigh Creek Drive

If you have any questions, contact the church office at

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